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Report 30th June 2011

Clones down to Courtown all producing Smoothound with the odd fish toping 8lbs, reports of a few Thornbacks on most north beaches with Clones and Donamore giving the best chance of Ray. Kilmuckridge beaches right down to Blackwater all producing fish with a lot of Bass showing in southeast/west winds top baits for all north coast venues Crab, Rag, Lug with big crab baits best for hounds. South coast beaches fishing very well at the moment for Bass when weather allows,The Cut in Carne and Ballyhealy/Burrow shore in Kilmore best venues to try with Lug and Crab top baits, theres also an excelent chance of a big smoothound from all these marks ( keep an eye on winds as these marks weed up quickly in summer) Further south Bream showing from the usual marks with crab a must if targeting, Hook Head fishing very well on most marks with Wrasse, Pollack, Bullhuss, and Mullet all recorded in recent weeks Crab Rag and Fish baits tops with fresh or frozen Eels deadly when spun for Pollack.            

Report 11th May 2011

North Wexford beaches all producing Bass at the moment with fish up to 8lbs reported, setteled weather should see the bigger smoothound appear and beaches worth a shot are Clones, Ballinoulart, Morriscastle and Tinnaberna top baits Crab and Lug the first will taking the better fish. South Coast beaches are fishing excelent for Bass and Flounder in surf conditions with calm weather throwing up the odd big Hound from the usual marks, Bass to 10lbs have been recorded and these fish were caught weighed and released. Beaches worth a shot if wind and weed allow are The Cut in Carne, Ballyhealy, The Burrow Shore and Furlongs Road, top baits Crab, Lug and Sandeel.     

kilm 002.JPG (1354699 bytes) The one and only (thank god) Jimmy the Bus with a Flounder during a recent Kilmuckridge Sac club competition, Jimmy went on to win with 12 fish.

Report 18th April 2011

North Wexford beaches fishing ok at the moment with reports of Flounder, Dabs, Rockling, small Smoothounds and Bass among the species being caught, our club fished Clones last Saturday and had mixed bags of Flounder, Dab, Smoothound, LSD and Bass, try fishing from dusk on to improve catch rates. All south coast beaches fishing well with reports of good spring Codling popping up on the deeper beaches Carne area worth a try big Crab baits will take most species.

007.JPG (1333194 bytes)  Anglers ready for the off at the Kilmuckridge SAC open fished last Saturday on the east coast, fishing was tough due to a stiff Northeast wind but most anglers still managed to catch with double figure bags being recorded, over sixty anglers fished and species caught included Dabs, Flounder, Rockling, Small Smoothound and Bass.  

Report 28th March 2011

Northeast beaches fishing ok with Dabs, Flounder, Rockling, School Bass and small Hounds being caught, Lug, Wraps and Crab should catch, all beaches on the south coast throwing up Dogs, Flounder, Small Bass, Rockling and the odd Coalie with rough ground marks starting to produce Wrasse and Pollack, baits to use Crab, Lug and Rag, Ballyhack area still fishing well for small codling and flounder top bait Crab, catch and release a must here as the codling are all around the 20 to 30cm mark.  


Report 18th March 2011

Clones down to Courtown fishing well at the moment with bags being made up of  Flounder, Coalie, Rockling, Dogs, with reports of small Smoothounds showing, top baits Lug, Wraps, Crab and Maddies. Carne to Roostownstoon not great with small Coalie, Flounder, Dogs and the odd small Bass reported. Ballyhealy to Cullenstown fishing the best of the south coast beaches, a recent comp on Ballyhealy saw excelent bags of Flounder, Coalie and Rockling being taken with the winning bag landing 43 fish, catch and release a must here as all fish are small, top baits "everything you could throw at them",  if you get light southeast/west winds you can expect good fishing along these venues.      

Report 1st March 2011

North East coast beaches starting to throw up dogfish with some small Ray and Bass being reported fish falling to Lug Sandeel and Crab, Carne to Kilmore reporting good catches of Codling after recent blow with some decent Bass Flounder and Coalie added to the mix, top baits Lug and fresh Peeler Crab with Sandeel taking dogfish on calm nights. Hook Area starting to produce as the water temperature climbs with Wrasse Pollack and Coalie reported, top bait Peeler Crab

Report 6th Feb 2011

Duncannon to Ballyhack fishing well at the moment with good bags of small Codling, Flounder, and the odd Coalie and Dabs reported, a good area to have some fun and catch and release is the way to go here as most fish are undersize, top baits fresh Peeler, Lug and Wraps. South coast beaches were unfishable all last week due to storm force winds so nothing to report, East coast beaches still throwing up Flounder, Dabs, Coalie, Whiting and Codling with the odd 3 pounder thrown in, top baits Maddies, Lug, Peeler and Wraps. 

Report 26th Jan 2011

The Burrow shore Kilmore to Cullenstown is fishing the best of the south coast beaches at the moment, a recent club competition saw good catches of Coalie, Flounder and Whiting which were up to 35cm making up the majority of the bags, Lug and Wraps were the top baits with fresh Peeler taking the better fish.

Courtown Beaches fishing ok at the moment with small Flounder, Dabs, Rockling and Codling the main species, top baits Wraps, Lug, and Maddies.

Report 16th Jan 2011

Rosslare Strand fished by a local club, fishing scratchy with small Rockling, Dabs, Flounder, and the odd Codling, fish taken at all ranges with Lug either raw or tipped the top bait, winning bag 8 fish.

Duncormack area fishing reasonable with good flounder up to 42cm reported, some small Coalies also showing, top bait Lug or Lug and Mackerel coctails. Note: all locals and clubs fishing Flounder in the Duncormack/Cullenstown easturys practice catch and release during the winter months, all fish are returned unharmed to allow spawning.

Report 12th Jan 2011

South Cork Youghal area fishing reasonable at the moment with good flounder, Coalie and Codling the main species, top baits fresh Peeler, Lug and wraps, fish taken at all ranges.

East Coast Wexford fishing slowing down at the moment with Flounders, Dabs and small Codling/Rockling the main species, top baits Maddies, Lug and Wraps, most fish taken in the 50 yard and back mark.

South Coast Wexford up to last weekend kilmore beaches fishing ok, Coalie, Codling and a few LSD reported.

 Report for last few days up to 2nd Jan 2011

South coast steep to beaches fishing excellent at the moment, good numbers of Codling, Coalie, and still the odd Bass, top bait Lug or Lug and frozen Crab cocktails, fish seem to be feeding at all ranges right up to the gutter.

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Codling and Bass caught by customers last week down south, up to 18 codling were taken in a 3 hour session all but four were returned to fight another day.